Elite landscaping is now provided by
My Garden Owner, John Chillcott.

If your looking for the best landscape designer in the area, make sure to stop in and talk with John. For years he has successfully managed Plaza Video and My Garden, and is now providing a very elite and selective few with cutting edge landscaping. His vast resources and experienced team have skills in every aspect of landscaping from in-ground ponds to the specialized plants for your exact climate conditions.

Below are some pictures of the latest project that Chillcott has recently completed near Punxsutawney. It gives a visual description of the amount of work involved in any of John's projects. When he accepts a job, all of his resources are used to deliver the landscaping solution within the timeframe predicted.





Please feel free to stop by our location:

301 W. Main Street
Brookville, PA  15825
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OR give us a call at:


Images & description used with permission.